Rotix4 Event Services

Printed Tickets, Wristbands and Lanyards

Rotix4 will provide all of your customers with an e-ticket at no charge however if you want to provide them with a printed ticket we can do this too!

The Rotix4 team have access to some of Australia’s most cost effective printed tickets, wristbands and lanyards which can include: holograms, serial numbers, custom design and much much more.
Our range of options is extensive, please contact our team for further information and a quote, we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised.

What style Ticket or Wristband is best for your Event?... there are so many different styles to choose from.
That really depends on many factors, answered only by ‘you’.
The good news is as well as in-house production, we are in contact with and have direct access to Australia’s leading Ticket & Wristband supply & printing houses.



Tickets come in all shapes & sizes. We can offer a quality ticketing solution for every need and budget, with features to ensure the security and integrity of your Event.

REDEMPTION/ROLL -  Suitable for clubs, bars, fairs, carnivals, parties, theatres. Low cost, 1,000 tickets per roll, available in 8 colours, numbered and customisable print.
THERMAL - Suitable for any event or function, large or small. The most cost effective and versatile secure ticket style. Features include security foil hologram, UV security ink, tear-off stub, customisable with logo/s, variable data, QR code, serial numbers, UV ink, preprinted conditions of sale on rear of ticket.
CUSTOMISED - Suitable for any event or function. For use as Ticket or with lanyard, colour graphics both sides, QR code, foil, variable data, landscape or portrait, flexible sizing.
3D LENTICULAR - Unique tickets for unique events. Wearable/collectable/tradeable. Impress through tangible value, most secure ticket available, weatherproof & durable, enhance sponsor branding, drives presales, variety of shapes & sizes.


Printed Wristbands  Personalised Wristbands

Wristbands are available in many forms, shapes & sizes. It’s easy to get confused with the choices available for your event. Select from Tyvek Wristbands, Plastic Wristbands, Silicone Wristbands, Individual Wristbands, Woven Wristbands or high tech RFID Wristbands and more.

TYVEK -  Suitable for short Event such as concerts, performances, parties. Secure, very cost effective, water resistant, highly customisable.
PLASTIC - Suitable for long events, water sports, camps, conventions & festivals. Secure, tough, waterproof, customisable.
SILICONE - Suitable for promotions, charities, fundraising, causes. Not secure, highly customisable.
INDIVIDUAL/CUSTOM - Suitable for automating data entry with variable data (eg: names of school students for excursions) colour printing, secure, tough, highly customisable.
WOVEN - Suitable for promotions, concerts, conventions. Secure, tough, customisable.
RFID - Suitable for automating data entry, near field communication.