Seating Plans for Premium Users

The Rotix4 system has the ability to sell tickets from a seating plan.

This means that purchasers have the ability to look at a seating map and they can then select the tickets they desire.

It also has the ability to price seats individually — so as opposed to a fixed price for all seats, it means premium seats can carry a heavier fee. For example: front row seats might be charged out at hundreds of dollars rather than regular prices.

Seating maps take Rotix4 developers some time to create and thus they incur a fee. However, the benefit is the map can be used multiple times (as many as wanted) by the customer.



Next Generation Ticketing

Rotix4 is a community-driven ticketing system designed to help you promote and sell your events.

Created by Top Gun Multimedia, Rotix4 is a full-featured system that allows you to have your event promoted throughout the region with *little to no cost depending on your needs.

Rotix4 was built to service a need for a ticketing system that can be used universally by clubs, organisations, charities and individuals.

You can promote your school event, your Rotary event, your Raffle, an Agricultural Show, a rock concert or even a foodie, trivia or marketing event. Contact us for more information about your event.

Each ticket is issued via email and it contains an individual number and QR-code that is like a fingerprint. If a venue wants to scan the QR codes they can be "checked-in" through the Rotix system.

Free Professional Poster Design

As part of the Rotix4 ticketing system service, Top Gun Multimedia is offering a FREE poster design. Make your event more polished and professional by using our in-house art department to improve your marketing.


Our in-house artists will create a poster to compliment your event, raffle or whatever you choose to promote through the Rotix4 system.

Contact Kelly for more information